Silent Sundays - September 15th

FILM: Carmen of the North (1919) & Burlesque on Carmen (1915)

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Kew Bridge Kinema at the Musical Museum

Join us for an exciting new project: regular silent cinema screenings, with live musical accompaniment on the Mighty Wurlitzer by Silent Film Maestro, Donald Mackenzie.


Carmen of the North (1919) 

Set against the stark, wind-swept landscapes of northern Europe, a passionate and tempestuous affair unfolds between Carmen, a seductive and manipulative factory worker, and Johan, a naive soldier. Their illicit romance leads Johan down a perilous path as he abandons his duties and moral compass, succumbing to Carmen's charms. As their fateful liaison spirals out of control, jealousy and betrayal culminate in a dramatic climax. With its intense emotional drama and evocative setting, "Carmen of the North" promises a cinematic journey filled with forbidden love and tragic consequences that is sure to enthrall.​

Burlesque on Carmen (1915)

A riotous and entertaining spoof on the classic tale, starring Charlie Chaplin in a comedic role that turns the dramatic opera on its head. Chaplin plays Darn Hosiery, a bumbling officer who falls under the spell of Carmen, portrayed here as a cunning and flirtatious gypsy. The film spirals into hilarious chaos as Darn's ineptitude and Carmen's manipulations lead to absurd misunderstandings and slapstick shenanigans. Packed with Chaplin's iconic physical comedy and sharp wit, this parody delivers laughs and surprises, making it an irresistible twist on a beloved story that's sure to delight with its clever humour and timeless charm.